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Exotic Pole

       Exotic dancers can sharpen their skills & increase their cash flow by learning new moves by way of workshop, bootcamp, or pay as you go sessions.



Pole Fitness

            Levels range from beginner pole, experienced beginner, intermediate A-D, and Advanced A-F.  Beginner levels focus on walking, dipping, body waving, sliding, and spinning. Intermediate to advance focus on arial tricks , floor werk, and spins.

Chair Fitness

          Get fit all while learning a dance routine to today's popular songs, or a song of your choice. Song request must be submitted two weeks in advance before sessions begin.

Floor Flirt

               Challenge yourself with a Classy, seductive floor routine that increases flexibility, strengthens  legs, arms, and abs.  Grab your Knee pads and mat for this sassy class!

10 Sessions for $150 or 15 Sessions for $200

Sessions are 1 hour each and can take place once a week, twice a week, or three times a week.

Sessions take place in our studio.  however, sessions can take place at your home for the prices below!

1 on 1 private lessons

 in your home or at our private space



in home lesson(s) prices

1 hr session $60    1.5 hr session $80 

2 hr session $95

BRING A FRIEND FOr half the session price

three 1 hr sessions $90

five 1 hr sessions $150

bring a friend for an additional $60


sassy sessions