helpful tips

Sessions or Parties

1. arrive 15 mins early if you are a new client.

2. There is a $50 fee if instructor waits more than 15 mins for guests to arrive. this fee must be paid before the party/session begins.

3. $25 fee for cancellations not made w/in 8 hrs of session.  must be paid before reschedule or next session.

4.  wear comfortable workout clothes--tshirts/tanks, shorts/tights.

5.  heels are recommended but not required.

6. no oils, lotion, or jewelry.

7. smile & have fun diva!

*pre-payment is required for all sessions/parties. there are no refunds.

 To book a session or group party


1. click on the "schedule now" tab to the right or below! 

2. You can send us an email at if you have questions or need help booking a session or group party. one of our friendly staff will book your session or party for you!

3. you will receive a confirmation email once your session/party is booked. if you do not receive a confirmation email, call us!

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safety is a priority!

All moves are taught safely & are safe  to do!

sassy fitness offers

personalized 1 on 1 fitness for ladies who may not feel comfortable sweating or working out in front of others.  sassy creates a non-intimidating environment, where ladies will learn comfortably at their own pace, according to their schedule.