Online scheduling

I don't have upper body strength.  Can I still take classes?

Yes.  All classes help you build upper body strength through light exercises.

What's the 1 on 1 class format?

Warm up to a song of your choice, mini workout, learn fun moves, which build into a routine.  pole play at the end of class.

What if I want a pole to practice outside of class?

sassy can order a pole for you, and ship it directly to your home. sassy can install the pole for an additional fee.

Can I pay money on site?

No.  All money must be paid in advance before instructor arrives.

 What if I cannot have a pole in my home?

No worries.  Your sessions can take place at sassy's location.

more questions?  

Email Sassy at 

Are the lessons safe?

Yes.  you will be taught by a certified, insured instructor.  all moves will be within your fitness level, hence the initial assessment.  Through an effective three step method, you will learn each move without injury.

What if I have low ceilings?

No worries! sassy can bring a pole which does not require bolts or screws. just a stud.

how much space do i need for an in home class or party? 

Private session. Only a small or medium sized space is required.  

party. a medium size living room (the size of an apartment living room) is sufficient.  please ensure the space is open for all ladies to actively participate together.

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I have high ceilings, do you have a pole to fit my ceiling?

Yes.  if your ceiling is taller  Than 9ft, your ceiling is not required.  the pole will stand alone, firmly, on a stage.